An art lover since childhood, Emirati fashion designer Feryal Al Bastaki has always had a tasteful eye for detail and a natural thirst for reflecting her creative individuality, which she achieves by integrating her art into her designs. She started by designing dresses for family members and launched Neswah Tailoring in 2003, which eventually evolved into FB Boutique. Feryal is a self-taught fashion talent and received no formal training, owing all her success to her sheer hard work and dedication.

To this date, Feryal has achieved a plethora of achievements, including participations in numerous local and international exhibitions and fashion shows and procuring the interests of many high-profile individuals, having dressed actresses, singers, and TV presenters. To Feryal, fashion is the medium through which she prefers to express herself and communicate to the world. She is quite calm on the outside, and therefore uses her designs as a canvas to display the fervency and passion that whirl inside her mind. She is not fond of following the latest trends, and prefers creating her own trends by merging different styles and producing unique mixes, making her pieces timeless and appealing to all ages through history.

Feryal takes pride in the fact that she dyes her own fabrics herself and creates original patterns and color combinations, which mirror her emotions and feelings, hence her slogan: “My designs can make a beautiful art piece framed on a wall.” To Feryal, fashion designing is a gratifying talent that she cherishes, for it adds an exciting dimension to her daily existence and gives her life a special artistic essence. She aims to leave an impact in the world of Haute couture and be a role model for women everywhere who aspire to enter the fashion field. Looking back at her journey, Feryal is extremely proud of all she has accomplished in this relatively short time-frame and looks forward to tackling the challenges and grasping the opportunities of the future.

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